LOVE but isn't L O V E

by - 8:38:00 pm

hope i tell you yet
how much you mean to me
hope i tell you yet
about all the happines that you bring!
hope i tell you yet
that you mean the world to me
just in case i haven't
i want you to know that
you're the best thing!
that's ever happened to me!
i love you

so there's this boy
and the way he laughs
make me smile
and the way he talk
give me butterflies
just about everythings about
him makes me happy
i love him

writing memories on this paper
you're far too away to be my helper
writing words that are just for you
i'll let you know what i've been through

it's only who you can understand
the weirds turn of my restless mind
i leave for you words written on the sand
better read them before they get washed

i find your arms the safest place
and your love the purest of all
it's far too bad, it's for me a disgrace
that remain unforgiven my mistake

writing thoughts i want let you know
that you were and will always be my soul
being the past still my present
it's you whom i will turn to for love

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